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The database that we will design would track patient admission rates in hospitals. The data collected would display

peak times for patient admission and the categories for admission. The information collected would display a

pattern/trend in each category that would help hospitals plan and prepare accordingly on an annual basis in high peak


A transaction is a logical unit of work that contains one or more SQL statements. Therefore, for my database, the first type of transactionwill be used in adding patient information. When a patient visits a hospital, the patient’s name, address, phone number, admission category, and date of admission will have to be addedto the hospital’s database. Only nurses and hospital administrators will be authorized to execute this transaction. The second transaction will involve updating the patient’s information such as the address and phone number, or in cases where further tests reveal the patient needs to be includedin another admission category. Also, in cases where a patient is discharged in one hospital and is later admittedin another hospital for another sickness (admission category), the database will have to be updated to include the patient’s medical history. Hospital administrators and laboratory technicians will be the only ones to execute this second type of transaction.

In order totune the performance of the database, I will employ automation. According to Wiese, Rabinovitch, Reichert, andArenswald (2008), automaticperformance tuning attempts to mitigate the overhead incurred by experimentation and testing by gathering and providing Database Administrators with relevant statistics and metrics. Considering the sensitivity of hospital records, and benefits like flexibility and low cost, the cutting-cloud cloud storage is becoming a popular solution to store a massive amount of Electronic Health Records to depress the local storage(Zhang et al., 2018). Therefore, the database will have a full backup once a week and daily incremental backups on the cloud.Also, the hospital will outsource data recovery to the cloud service provider.

Discussion Board Question

Before completing your data management draft project, please describe the hardware environment for the database you are designing. Will the database be centralized or distributed? Will you use cloud computing or private servers? What vendor technology do you plan to use for the DBMS software and the database hardware. Describe the factors, such as performance, cost, and security, you considered for choosing the hardware environment. How does your choice of hardware environment fit with or change the backup plan