Definition and the problem of violence for society

Definition and the Problem of Violence for Society After reading about this topic in the Course Materials section, please answer the following questions by replying to this posting by 1/7. Then come back to post a reply to two of your classmates’ responses. Questions 3 and 4 are intended to get you thinking about the level of violence in society and its impact. You should write at least one or two sentences on each question. The rubric for the discussion forum is in ‘Assignment Instructions’ in Course Materials. 1. Why is violence so difficult to define? Think about and refer to the points raised in the readings. 2. Atyeo (1974) notes that sports violence is often seen as legitimate, that is, as acceptable. What do you think he means by this. What other forms of violence might be thought of as legitimate? 3. How big a problem are the following for society? Justify your responses. Violence Against Women School Violence Racist Violence Sports Violence 4. Do you think we have an exaggerated fear of violence? Explain. 5. What is one of your least favorite and one of your most favorite violent films, books, or tv series? Explain what you dislike and like about these.