Depressive disorders, assignment help

Assignment discussion should be 4-5 pages total plus title and reference pages

Paul is a 55 year old, moderately obese man, of Native-American descent. Paul is referred by his medical doctor to help him to stop smoking. He admits to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. You discover that he also loves the thrill of gambling. He says, “I love excitement and living life to its fullest – a fine meal, good scotch, a couple of smokes and a night at the poker table”. As his mother died 2 years ago of lung cancer and his father of cirrhosis of the liver 10 years ago, Paul figures it is time to stop smoking and cut back on his drinking. He admits that he should probably lose a few pounds, but “there’s no way I am going to stop gambling and hitting the buffets and bars now and then. I just want you to help me to quit smoking”. During your psychosocial assessment, Paul discloses that he has never been married. He admits that he was very attached to his mother and that he has never gotten over her death. He tearfully tells you that, “my little habits are the only way I can cope with life.”

Question One:
Considering the information in the DSM-5, briefly formulate a provisional diagnostic impression of Paul. What further information might you look for and why?

Question Two:
Create a brief initial treatment plan for Paul. What treatment approaches would you consider, that support your findings in Question One.