Describe key people, places, or cultural developments

Exam V (Chapters 15-18)

Write four essays of about one page (three or four paragraphs) each. Choose four of questions below. Include at least one picture with each essay. Please make sure each essay has different information.

  • India. What do you find remarkable about postclassical India and the Indian Ocean Basin? Describe key people, places, or cultural developments. Do you see one distinct cultural region, or is it more like a collection of cultures, frequently changing and running into each other?
  • Christendom. Discuss the two Christian societies in Chapter 16. How was the Byzantine Empire different from the society developing in western Europe? Why do you suppose they did not form one unified society? How do you see both these societies shaping our world?
  • Nomadic Empires. What do you find notable about the societies of the Mongols and Turks? Describe two of the nomadic empires we studied. How did they change Eurasia?
  • Africa. What do you find remarkable about the societies of Sub-Saharan Africa? What changes do you see in era from about 1000 to 1500 CE? In what ways do you see Africa becoming more tied into Eurasian cultures? In what ways does it have its own dynamics in this era?
  • What would you do? Imagine you are a person in one of the societies of Chapters 15-18. Please specify what type of person you are and discuss how your life relates to events in the chapters. Also, discuss at least one cross-cultural interaction you have with people in another society.
  • Key Terms. Write an essay combining two or three key items (in bold) from the reading handouts for Chapters 15-18. Show how the terms relate to each other, and how they contribute to our understanding of a broader topic. Include a picture for each key term.
  • You may do a second essay following the directions in Question 6.