descriptive essay on beowulf

Need help writing about a scene from Beowulf.
2- 3 pages
Double spaced 12 pt font

Instructions for the paper

Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf and have become familiar with its mood and language.

Need to draft a description essay discussing one scene from the epic poem Beowulf; as you write provide vivid details about the scene you are describing. Think about the sensory images of: taste, touch, sight, sound, and hearing.

Select one scene from the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf .
Select one scene to describe:
Beowulf and Grendel
Beowulf and Grendel’s mother
Beowulf and the dragon

Use language that is vivid and descriptive – the reader should be able to visualize the scene. Think about the sensory connection you have to the scene.

Make sure your composition uses sensory images to really engage the reader. You want to make sure the reader can feel, taste, touch, smell, and see what you are describing. Don’t just insert images, just to insert them, have them make a connection. Stay focused on your purpose and describe the scene vividly.

If you quote directly from the text, make sure you use correct MLA documentation in the text).