Deviance Norm Breaking on TV

For this data workshop, you will choose one contemporary TV show and do content analysis. A following attachment of chapter 2 will help you write this assignment how to analyze and use the source.

Please read “data workshop” page attached below to know what to write in the essay. I also attached a part of the text book which is strongly related to this assignment, named “ch6.” If you don’t know what scientific methods are, you can read attached below. You will need to follow the methods when you research two TV show which express deviance.


For this assignment, you will complete “Data Workshop” research project from your textbook. Once you have completed the research component, complete the “Do-It-Yourself”. task described at the end of your chosen Data Workshop.

Chapter 6:

Analyzing Media and Pop Culture – Norm Breaking on Television

In your paper, you must include sociological terms and concepts from our modules and text. Feel free to use outside sources to add to your analysis, but be sure to include citations as needed (this includes citations when using information from our textbook).

In addition to the essay response, please submit any field notes or supplementary materials that were taken for your workshop.