discuss all relevant ethical principles under the principle, “Social workers ethical responsibility to clients”?


An allegation has been made regarding educational neglect of five brothers between the ages of 9 and 16.None of the boys has ever been to school, and all are unable to read or to do all but simplest math problems.

The parents are both college graduates.Their reason for not sending their children to school: Both parents are firm believers that school harm french by requiring conformity, and believe that their children will be better moral citizens by avoiding school.The parents are also opposed to the concept and practice of home school, and refuse to participate in any requirements for home school parents. The boys are all well-fed,polite and friendly.You have been assigned this case


1 Identify and discuss the feelings that this case evoked in you.

2 Discuss the ways in which you managed these feelings.

3 Identify and discuss all relevant ethical principles under the principle “Social workers ethical responsibility to clients’ which guide your way forward in this case.

Assessment Criteria

Application of knowledge

Focus and clarity of expression

Evidence of analytical thinking

Evidence of independent reading

Paper should be 4-5 pages