Social Security for retirees is paid through payroll taxes on the current workforce. However, because retirees are living longer and increasing in number, the inflow of payroll tax revenue from workers at some point will be insufficient to fund the outflow of Social Security payments. One solution to the problem would be to increase taxes on workers again, as they have been in the past. Another solution would be to reduce retiree benefits and require workers to wait longer before they become eligible for Social Security benefits (the earliest eligibility is currently 62 years of age). Yet another solution is to allow Americans to choose their own investments rather than be limited to Treasury bonds. Which solution or combination of solutions would best work and why? Use facts and evidence to back arguments. Opinions hold little weight.

Optional: Describe the differences between demand-side policy and supply-side policy. Which has better evidence supporting it and why?

All Citiation and references should be in APA format.

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