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On average four out of five college students drink alcohol, its safe to assume this includes the college students under 21. Because it is illegal for them to drink in a bar or restaurant, they hide out in dorm rooms and “party” when it’s possible to get alcohol. This brings its own risks. When alcohol is hard to come by, as it is for them, its tempting to over drink when it is available. When this does occur, it is less likely for friends to seek help with the possibility of getting in trouble themselves (Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age? , n.d.).

Out of 195 countries 116 of them have a minimum drinking age of 18-19 and another 41 countries have lower drinking ages then that. In these countries they are adults when they turn 18. They have all the adult responsibilities that come with the age. The United States does not agree, they are an adult in every way, but the ability to choose to drink. In the US an 18-year-old can serve in the military, drive and vote with no objections. The difference is alcohol is viewed as a drug here, instead of a social event. College students might start acting like adults if we start treating them their age and these secret college parties will start disappearing and this is without explaining further risks involved. (Minimum Legal Drinking Age in 190 Countries, n.d.).


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