Discussion and 2 peer reviews

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Initial Post: If sexual desire is regulated by hormones, should male or female sexual predators’ hormone levels be altered by surgery or hormone reducing drugs?

Response Posts:

Sexual predators are one of the publics leading concerns, especially child sex offenders. Sexual predators are motivated by inappropriate sexual fantasies and the impulses to inflict violence on their victims. Some Medical practioners suggest what is referred to as chemical castration. Chemical castration is using hormonal drugs to reduce the sex drives in the offenders. Testosterone is the major hormone associated with libido and sexual function, and several studies have reported that violent sexual offenders have higher levels of androgens than do nonviolent comparison groups (Lee, J. Y., & Cho, K. S. ,2013). Surgical castration is an option also. Many sex offenders opt to have a surgical castration performed with hopes to avoid long prison sentences. Chemical castration seems to be the more favorable option as it can be reversed and seems to be more practical to the offenders. Hormonal drugs do have negative side effects as in cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, brain function, and bone maturation. Depression, hot flashes, infertility, and anemia can also occur (Lee, J. Y., & Cho, K. S. ,2013).

The question as to if sexual predators should undergo chemical or surgical castration is one to be debated. Does it interfere with basic human rights or do sexual offenders lose their rights? Is it more of a punishment or more of a treatment? If I had to choose which option I agree with more I would choose surgical castration. Chemical castration seems to be complicated and questionable on many levels. I believe further extensive research studies need to be done not only of the side effects of these procedures but also on whether these procedures have a real and lasting positive effect.


Lee, J. Y., & Cho, K. S. (2013). Chemical Castration for Sexual Offenders: Physicians’ Views. Journal of Korean Medical Science, 28(2), 171–172. http://doi.org/10.3346/jkms.2013.28.2.171 Post:

Joshua’s Post:

Human rights issues are always going to intercede when it comes to anything deemed unnatural or overboard. I do not agree that some forms of punishment seems a bit harsh, but my opinions are based on a standard of living afforded me here in the United States of America. If programs on television that address incarceration in other countries is accurate, then comparably the sexual predator here is getting of lightly. However, I deem a crime of using a child for sexual satisfaction is unfair to the child, In my own haste to punish, my initial response would be death! But alas death may be to severe a punishment if the offender is mentally ill, so castration, sounds good, chemical hormone treatment sounds like overpriced, tax payer funded nonsense. So what should we do with these offenders, I do not know, discussions like these make for such complex viewpoints, all in the name of a humans right to be human, even if they commit vile deeds. Maybe death for repeat offenders would solve it, but then how do we justify allowing the predator more than one opportunity to harm someones child. If it were my daughter, I would opt for death of the offender.