Discussion feedback

just discuss about their topic and try to provide examples.

NO PLAGIARISM NO CITATION. Write them individually in one document. (5-7 sentence per feedback)

1. Topic 1: Overcoming adversity

Thesis: Not letting physical and mental struggles define you

3 or 4 Steps in Your Story and How They Support Thesis:

– Learning disabilities at a young age

– Medical issues

– Making something of myself regardless of what I’ve dealt with and am dealing with

Topic 1: Working Mom

Thesis: Not regretting being a working mother of two

3 or 4 Steps in Your Story and How They Support Thesis:

– My family

– What I am providing for them

– Going to college. I’m not done yet.

2. Topic 1 – Homeschooling

Thesis – Transferring from public school to a home school co-op was in no way easy, as I had to how to be more independent, make money, and learn time management. However, the benefits that came from it were exponentially greater than the labor required.


-How I found out I was going to be home schooled (and why)

-Describe the work required to make the transfer (obtaining documents, paying for school, getting in contact with people, etc.)

-Explain the independence required for home schooling compared to a traditional education

-Where I am now in my education and how I am better off

Topic 2 – First Driving Experiences

Thesis – My first time driving was both hilarious and scarring, yet it shows that it isn’t just the student, but the teacher who affects the learning experience.


-The nerves leading up to the drive and how my friend helped with that

-The well known difficulty of the teacher

-The struggles my partner faced while driving

-The several ridiculously stressful things my teacher has us do