Discussion Film is Chocolate

Film is Chocolate, and watch it.i will give the money for the movie on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Chocolat-Juliette-Binoche/d…

Please watch the film.

In the initial post, capture your response to the film. Once again we encounter characters whose relationship to food reveals a lot about them. Consider the following questions to help you find a focus for the initial response:

  • How might we categorize the characters we meet in this film? Select one character whose relationship to food intrigued you. Explain your choice.
  • Which scenes are especially important when it comes to understanding this character? What did you notice?
  • What might be the significance of the association to the overall conflict(s) the film asks us to consider?

In your follow-up posts, delve more deeply into an analysis of the observations in the initial posts. Respond to posts whose authors examine different characters and aspects of the works than the ones you explored in your initial post.

Remember, the initial post should be between 75 to 150 words and is supposed to open the discussion. The follow-up posts should also not exceed 150 words to keep the exploration of the initial points succinct and focused. Support your analysis with references to specific passages with a direct quotation or paraphrase. Be sure to check your initial post and engage with the posts it has received.