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Discussion Question - Freshman Essays

Discussion Question

Follow the direction below:

Examined Chapters 4 and 5 with a task of deciding on your favorite sections, we will this week focus on a personal application of one of the academically most important sections, albeit one that garnered little favor with last week’s posters; namely, Foundations of the Interaction Approach (pp 75-79). which introduces the work of three marquee social psychologists: Charles Horton Cooley (“The Looking Glass Self”), George Herbert Mead (“Taking the Role of the Other”), and Erving Goffman (“Presentation of Self in Everyday Life”).

So, your DB task this week is to get up to speed on the appropriate work of these, three social scientists (some quick Internet searches would probably be very helpful) and then ponder how their work may provide insights into how your self-concept was formed…including a significant focus on the influence of popular culture in this life-altering process.