I have a total of 13 articles up to date that might be of potential use to my literature review writing at later stage. Therefore, I am writing in to you to enquire regarding critical appraisal of those 13 papers using the CASP tool checklist to be done in a table form by this friday 2nd february, noon. May I kindly know the quote? Requirement: – Critically Appraise All the articles (table format) – Using the CASP Tool Checklist – Only focus critiquing on “(1) Lavender aromatherapy, (2) Sleep, (3) Falls. Additional notes sample of the casp done in table form but to note there is a remark column section to write in the findings Inline image 2 and this is a seperate table to be done for each articles as well . As my topic is on “The relationship between Lavender aromatherapy and sleep reduces fall” Attached is 13 articles.