doing peer-reviews

So you have to do peer-review for the different students, and you have three things to do with each student work.

part( 1)

  • Review the papers as I demonstrated in class:
  • Provide comments in the margins. ( 2-3 comment on each article)
  • a brief note at the end, ( a short latter for a student at the end)
  • then complete the peer-review worksheet

– Finally, please answer the following questions for your partners’ Multimodal Arguments using 2-3 complete sentences. Include your answers to these questions in your peer-review feedback after the peer-review worksheet.


1) How has your peer designed the Multimodal Argument?

2) How easy is the Multimodal argument to navigate?

3) What do you think of the layout/design of the Multimodal Argument?

4) What is your partner trying to argue, exactly?

5) How does your partner educate, engage, and empower an audience with the Multimodal Argument?


Student (1) have an article and powerpoint.

Student (2) have an article and website. (

and i will post an example for it