*EASY* Opinion Analysis Summary

Instructions: In grammatical, cohesive, and precisely worded sentences, please explain the passage below. Your analysis should be no longer than 500 words.

One path only (#1) is left for us to speak of: that it is. On this path there are a multitude of signs that what – is, being ungenerated, is also imperishable, whole, of a single kind, immovable and complete. Nor was it once, nor will it be, since it is, now, all together, one and continuous. For what coming – to – be of it will you seek? How and from where did it grow? I shall not permit you to say or to think that it grew from what – is – not, for it is not to be said or thought that it is not. What necessity could have impelled it to grow later rather than sooner, if it began from nothing? Thus it must either fully be, or be not at all. Nor will the force of conviction ever allow anything, from what – is, to come – to – be something apart from itself; wherefore Justice does not loosen her shackles so as to allow it to come – to – be or to perish, but holds it fast.