Easy Sociology Questions

Each question needs to be 3-5 sentences!!

Review your notes/readings on social problems, the sociological imagination and the three major theoretical frameworks.

Then, read this article: http://www.everydaysociologyblog.com/2014/12/polic…

Reply to this post with the answers to the questions below.

  1. Does Raskoff’s argument in this piece emphasize the objective nature of this social problem or the subjective nature? Clearly explain what is meant by each understanding of social problems and defend your choice with specific references to Raskoff’s article.
  2. Raskoff uses her sociological imagination to assess the structural forces at play in shaping the personal experiences of police misconduct. Now, take your turn applying your sociological imagination to any problem of your choosing – remember to focus on the structures or institutions that cause or contribute to the problem you choose.
  3. Which one of the three sociological frameworks (conflict, structural functionalism or symbolic interactionism) do you think Raskoff is operating from? Why? Be specific and thorough in your response.