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EC230/EEC2225 Rasmussen Mod 2 Punishment Written Assignment - Freshman Essays

EC230/EEC2225 Rasmussen Mod 2 Punishment Written Assignment

At this point in the course, you have learned several things about punishment, including the origins, how it has been used, and the negative consequences that produce long-term effects

In a 1-2 page paper, written in APA format with proper spelling and grammar, address the following.

When guiding children’s behavior, why should punishment not be used?

What are the negative impacts of punishment on children’s development?

Describe one (1) specific fact about punishment that you were not aware of before, include a paragraph reflecting on how you feel now that you know this information

Be sure to use 1-2 sources and cite them properly on an APA formatted References page. The sources should help support your positions on the items above