EC230/EEC2225 Rasmussen Mod 3 Benefits of Respecting Children Assignment

Children should be treated with respect, doing so has many benefits. When thinking of how we would like to be treated, ourselves, it’s important to understand that children want to be treated that way as well. How we all behave, often depends on how we are treated by others.

This assignment has two (2) parts

Part-1: Paper

In a 1-2 page paper, written in APA format with proper grammar and spelling, address the following.

Consider what you know about respect and child development, then list and describe at least six (6) behavioral benefits of treating children with respect.

Provide an example for each benefit and how you would see it demonstrated in the children’s behavior.

Part-2: Flyer

Create a 1 page flyer that you will hand out to parents that describes the benefits of treating children respectfully

Include benefits of respecting children enough to appropriately allow them to work through issues on their own when they encounter them (e.g. disagreements with friends or siblings, making good choices, problem-solving, etc.)

Include at least one (1) outside resource to support the information on your flyer

Your flyer must include at (2) creative elements, such as color, image, word art and so on.