ece355 week 4 discussion 1 RESPONSE j.c.

Respond by providing feedback or suggestions, or offering friendly guidance to extend their strategies. 5 sentences or more.

Explain some challenges that working families face.

Some challenges include, being financially stable, socioecomics status have a major impact on family well being and children’s healthy growth, development, and learning (Rothstein,2008). Families are also faced with child care options and making sure their child is receiving adequate care while they are at work or the other obstacle they are faced with is deciding if they want to be a stay at home parent.

Discuss how these challenges can impact a child’s behavior

Well, I feel when a parent is at work all the time it is hard to spend a lot of quality time with your child and that may or may not cause an effect. Whether you choose daycare or being a stay at home parent it is nice to weigh your options. Maybe, if you can afford to wok only part time and be with your family the other days or if can’t afford to be a stay at home parent make sure you spend and make that extra time for your family, it is so important!

Summarize three strategies you could share with families to help them achieve a balance between family life and work. Use one additional scholarly source to support your summary.

There are a few strategies you can try such as placing limits or trading off, parents alternate between holding a job and pursuing careers depending on the needs of the family. Also, you can try time management, setting boundaries and prioritizing. I think it is important to make sure the needs of your family comes first then your job but make sure you can try and find a balance between the two.


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