Eco Tourism – Sustainable Tourism Paper Assignment

Based on what you have learned in this class and through research, please research on your assigned niche tourism sector listed below. Research on that topic, find both domestic and international (Greece, Scotland or Ireland) examples and case studies. If necessary, you can pull in examples from other countries but provide the majority of your examples from the countries you were to visit. Discuss on lessons and implications you can pull from those studies. Write a 8-10 page paper on this topic. My topic is Eco Tourism. Please use APA format and references of at least 3 outside sources.

Presentation should include but not be limited to the following aspects:

  • Definition of selected niche tourism, major professional or governmental organizations and agencies for the niche tourism
  • History and development of the selected niche tourism
  • Characteristics of the selected niche tourism
  • A typical profile of that niche tourists (e.g., age, education background, family structure, life stage, home residence, annual household income, travel and spending pattern, major motivations, peak season for travel and other characteristics)
  • Festivals and special events of that niche tourism within U.S. and abroad
  • Typical destinations for that niche tourism within U.S. and abroad, typical business and tourism products associated with the selected niche tourism
  • Impacts of the selected niche tourism (positive & negative, economic, socio-cultural, environmental aspects)
  • Identify the main topic/major research conducted on that niche tourism (summarize the 2 journal articles you find, what is the problem, how do they address the problem)
  • Issues of the selected niche tourism
  • Marketing and promotion of the niche tourism (e.g., video, news, social media campaign)
  • Future trends for the selected niche tourism