Ecosystem Models Environmental Science Reflective Questions Help


Your essay answer should be clear and succinct, amounting to perhaps 3-5 sentences totaling 30 to 50 words; longer essays are strongly discouraged. It is recommended that you prepare your answer in a separate document from which you copy it into Canvas.

Question 1 5 pts

Explain the role of bacteria (decomposers) in the process of recycling organic matter derived from photosynthesis.

A strong answer will describe the fate of organic material produced by photosynthesis in the ocean water column and in sediments, with an emphasis on the processes of bacterial decomposition.

Question 24 pts

Marine organisms consist of an hierarchical system of trophic levels that describe the feeding relationships between them. Match each trophic level to the definitions and specific categories of organisms that characterize it.

Question 3 1 pts

How much energy is typically transferred between successive trophic levels?