EDUC E327 IPFW Contentment, Respect And Acts Of Kindness

This is for one of my education class. You will have to read a children book call “Last Stop on Market Street by matt de la peña” and create a Social Studies lesson plan for 1st grade. If you can’t find the book, you can watch read aloud video on Youtube. I attached the Lesson Plan template and you will follow the instruction from the template and create one. Assuming that this lesson plan is for 1st grade, please be creative and create the activity based on social studies concept! Please do not leave anything from the template. You will have to answer every steps!.There is a place where you will have to put state standards and national standards. I will provide you a link where you can find appropriate standard for the appropriate grade level and the subject. Please don’t copy other people lesson plan from internet!

Subject: Social Studies

Children Book: Last Stop on Market Stree by matt de la pena

Grade: 1st

When you create the lesson plan, assume that you already read the book to the students in previous lesson, so for this lesson plan, create an activity to illustrate social studies concept.