ENG 1102 Alice Walker’s Everyday Use Narration essay

Write a 750-word essay on Alice Walker’s Everyday Use, defend or refute Mama’s beliefs about the use of the items in her home that her daughter wants to take to preserve.


Do NOT give your essay a title.
* I will expect your essay to have a “hook.”

* The author’s name and the title of the literary work must appear in the introductory paragraph.

* You must have a thesis in your introduction that provides the reader with the main idea for the essay and you must stick to this thesis.

* You must have direct quotes from the literary work to support all of the major ideas expressed in your essay.

* All quotes must have MLA formatted in-text citations.

* Your essay must have the MLA heading at the top of the first page.

* You always discuss literature in the present tense, NOT past tense.

* Do not write in 2nd person. No “you”.

* Do not include unnecessary contractions. Unless it is part of a quote, you should not have contractions.