ENG120 The Role of Education

essay about

With education providing an avenue for social change and/or mobility, what should that

social change lead to? Is the goal of being educated more influenced by the potential of wealth

and power, or should the goal of education be focused on increasing equality and character? Dr.

Martin Luther King argues the latter in his paper, “The Purpose of Education.” Do you agree

with him? Why, or why not?

What constitutes a good essay:

  • Use the third person. Do not use the “I” pronoun.
  • Introduce your essay by establishing what prompt you are responding to. Briefly summarize the issue (what people are debating; what the opposing views are). Now that you have had a chance to read and learn more about the issue, state your opinion in third person (your thesis). Include the points you will use in the body to support your thesis.
  • Support your thesis in a few paragraphs. For each paragraph, provide an arguable topic sentence that directly supports your thesis. Reference the article(s) you’ve read about the issue. Give us the title of the article and the name of the author (or the organization responsible for it, if there is no human being attached as the author). Use direct quotes by using a key line or two from the piece, and then explain how what the article says demonstrates support for your thesis. Relate the point to some evidence of your own through analysis. Explain how and why that information supports your view on the issue. Use the experiences of people you know, hypothetical situations, or information you looked up to show why you feel the way you do about the issue. Remain in the third person.
  • Conclude your essay with some final thoughts on the subject. Do not bring in any new ideas. Help us see why the educational domain will be a better place if we embrace your point of view on the issue.
  • Each essay should be at least 500 words in length.
  • Use MLA style.
  • Provide a Works Cited Page for the complete portfolio.
  • Include original drafts on all three essays for complete portfolio

(Portfolio Specific)

Include revised drafts of all three essays for complete portfolio