ENG126 CUNY Micheal Pollan’s Omnivores Dilemma Discussion Help

Reading Notes 1

READ: Omnivore’s Dilemma (185-225, 239-273, 287-303)

To read more attentively, annotate the reading for The Omnivore’s Dilemma (185-303), writing notes in your book, or notes in a notebook indicating page numbers (you could underline, circle, highlight, write comments, etc.). This is for your own benefit and I will not be collecting the annotation. In addition to annotating your reading, please upload a response to one or more of the following four points (at least one paragraph long):

  1. a passage that struck you; what comments or questions did you have about this?
  2. an unfamiliar word. Look it up and explain how knowing the meaning helps you understand the passage.
  3. a key word, metaphor, or concept that you come across. How does this help you to better understand the text? OR
  4. an apparent contradiction. If something seems contradictory, go back to see if you can reconcile the differences and come to an interpretation that makes more consistent sense.

Essay #2 two versions of introduction (not essay #3)

See topics in attachment, please let me know which topic you choose.

To get started on your essay #2 on The Omnivore’s Dilemma (see topics above), I would like you to try writing two different versions of an introduction. Choose your topic, and write an introduction. Then, try to write a different or better introduction for the same topic.