ENGL102 Graphene Battery VS Ordinary Batteries and Carbon Nanotubes

The most important in this report is to know how to paraphrase and how to use at-least 4 sources and it should be web cites not books i need it such as article .

The report should be between 1200-1000 word excluded the source evaluation.

The plagiarism should be in range of 10%-15%.

I need it to be between B+ and A. ( I will upload files to let you understand.)

i want from you to use simple English with some academic.

in paraphrasing and references using APA system.

The report should be talking about ( Graphene Battery Compared To The Ordinary Battery)

some ideas:

also you can add how drones would after using Graphene batteries. and also can add how would Tesla company use these batteries

1- Simple Introduction on the topic and what will be discussed

2-Background including: 2 sources (using 1 scholarly source, and 1 should be charts )

3- Body1 : . Also, Include 2 paraphrases for each point from one of the sources in one of this body’s paragraphs.

4- Body2 : demonstrate 4 points. Also, show 2 paraphrases from sources and only 1 chart

-Short conclusion

-Short recommendation: includes ideas and advices from the author (such as: I believe foreign investors should do…etc)

Thank you.