ENGL1310 UTC Gender Relations In Dispatches Book Review

Close read two passages and use two secondary, academic sources. Length: 5-7 pages, plus bibliography page.

choose two passages from the book dispatches which you intend to close read in the paper. Then use one of the types of interpretation as a method for reading the argument of the work: Freudian/psychological, Marxist/economic, or gender.

I think Gender might be the easiest but whatever works better for you.

I have uploaded all the outlines and the theory reviews and a sample paper.

I would like to be kept updated and be sent a rough draft by thursday night, it does not have to be completely finished at that stage though but that is when I have to turn in the rough draft and I would like to have the proposal done sometime thursday too. If this cannot be done please do not take up this assignment. I really don’t have any time this coming week or I would write it myself. I am open to discussion if you have any questions.