English 1302 journals, Assignment Homework Help

Summer Journal Questions          English 1302

A journal is a thoughtful, one-page response to certain literary works studied.  Each journal should use MLA format and should address the question (prompt) by presenting your response to the literary work or works.  To back up your ideas, use quotations from the story, poem, or play.  Except for the first journal, which is mainly about you, document your quotes by using MLA in-text references and a Works Cited page.  Write carefully and well; these assignments are worth 20 points each and take the place of the pop-quizzes which might ordinarily take too much of our time.  Late journals will be accepted with a five-point deduction; no one should be handing in journals on the last day of school.

Journal 1:  All About Me

In this journal, tell me all about yourself.  Who are you, and where are you from?  Where did you attend high school?  How many brothers and sisters, children, pets do you have?

What kinds of stories, poems, or movies do you enjoy most?  Summarize your writing experiences so far.  What do you expect to gain from this course besides a grade?

Journal 2:  Film as a Tool for Understanding

We have read two rather challenging short stories, “Barn Burning” and “Hills Like White Elephants.”  Using your “Introduction to Film” notes (website), explain several ways in which the filmmaker helped you to understand these stories.

Journal 3:  Writing About Poetry

Many readers are intimidated by poetry.  Are you one of those readers?  Explain several reasons for your response.  Perhaps you are a lover of poetry (lifetime or recent); explain several response for this response.

Journal 4:  Drama and the Visual Necessity

Explain several reasons why a play is better seen than read.  The film we saw was not just a movie; it was a film version of the play as it appeared on the Broadway stage.  What does the visual rendition add to our experience in appreciating Miller’s play?

Journal 5:  Progress Report regarding your Research

How is your research paper coming along?  What have you accomplished so far?  Are you sticking with your original topic, or have you changed your mind?  Tell me some of the ways in which I can help you with your research.