English Homework

For this assignment, you will find an argument (an article, documentary, fim, ad campaign, etc.) in which you can identify logical falacies, misrepresentations of facts, or other examples of erroneous reasoning. In the introduction, you will briefly summarize the authdas argument and in your thesis, identify the problems of the argument that will be the main focus of your analysis. Then in the body, you will analyze the problems you have identified in the argument and support your analysis with examples from the Finally the conclusion you wil remark on the significance of subject at hand. This paper is a minimum of 4 pages not counting the works cited page, and must adhere to mla format use appropriate grammar, structure, and language for an academic audience, and edit your paper thoroughly. We will be going over 2 sample essays in class, and also looking at a few arguments thatIhave identified as “weak in order to help you choose your own specimen.