English paper- eating disorder

The purposes of writing this paper is:

– To write an analysis.

– To inform ourselves about what’s going on in the world.

– To practice connecting world events to our own lives, and making those connections in writing.

* Use the link that I have attached here to you and read the article informations and start. Write (4 ) pages

Use the topic thats shown, this would be my paper topic and tittle paper about.


Primary concern is to explore the topic. You will inform the reader by sharing what you learned from the texts you read “link”, show your own experiences with the topic, and show own supported opinions .

The essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Please use some of the moves to make in an introduction in correct way. In particular, you should introduce the topic, give your perspective on it, and establish its importance. You can give your main point either in the introduction or in the conclusion. You can structure the body as you see fit, but please work on making my paragraphs cohere by using transition sentences.

You should let the reader know, in the middle of your text, each time you use an idea or copy words from a source text. Please do not plagiarism write it simple as you can. Following instructions. ” show references if you get one “

Please make the paper EASY and simple.