Environmental issues Caused by Humans that affect Each Of Species and Minerals

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WINTER 2019 Instructor: Bill Roeder

Congratulations – you have arrived at the Final Assessment for Environmental Studies 1 Online Education! Type your answers in line with the questions. Do not assume the space left between the questions is all I’m looking for, If you plan to only use the space provided to answer each question, you won’t score well. Submit your take final in the appropriate area of the website by the posted deadline. Work not submitted on time WILL NOT be accepted for any reason!

Final Assessment Questions:

  1. NAME and EXPLAIN IN DETAIL three (3) Environmental issues Caused by Humans that affect EACH OF SPECIES and MINERALS (Those mined from the earth- not the ones we take every day as supplements) (25 Points)

  1. In the video, the story of Cosmetics (Posted on the class website), a number of issues were discussed. Among them is the fact many of the products we use every day contain chemicals that aren’t good for us. Based on what you learned in the video and your own independent research, how does this happen and what are some potential solutions? I’m expecting a detailed response. Other than the video I supplied, cite your sources ( 20 Points)

  1. Tell me what your favorite es 1 Homework assignment was this Quarter? why did you like it? What environmental issue did it cover? What specifically did you learn that you didn’t know already? Tell me in DETAIL what is Important about the topic you chose? Make sure to address each of the questions I’ve asked (10 Points)

  1. Examine a city where you live or lived. Go to the City Website and see if they have a Green, Environmental or Sustainability Plan. Provide the website address and tell me in DETAIL what the city is doing to be sustainable in the areas of recycling, waste reduction and Water conservation? SPECIFICALLY how are they getting citizens involved? what letter grade would you give them ? A= Excellent; F= Awful. Tell me why they received the grade they did and what they could be doing better. Even if you gave them an “A” I want to know what they can do better.(20 Points)

  1. explain IN DETAIL the environmental impacts of raising livestock for food. In what ways does it Affect resources and climate change?- Be SPECIFIC and provide answers that are DETAILED . Beside cutting back on the amount of meat we eat or becoming a vegan or vegetarian, what is one possible solution to the problem?- BE SPECIFIC (25 Points)