Essay – English Culture

write an essay, but you can choose what type of essay. You should define cultural norms and values, and give examples to illustrate the definitions. You could write a straightforward explanation (This is what norms are, and here are some examples) or you could incorporate your definitions and examples into an essay with your own main point (e.g., As an international student in the USA, American cultural norms are new to me, or, Cultures may have the same values but still vary a lot if the norms associated with the values are different, or…)

The essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. If you are writing a straightforward explanation, make the following moves in the introduction: capture the readers’ interest, introduce your topic by defining cultural norms and values and explaining the connection between them, explain why we should care about norms and values (why it can be important to know about them), give your own perspective as a student from X writing to an American audience, state your main point, and give an overview of the examples that you will discuss in the paper. Then go on to discuss one example in each body paragraph, showing the connection between norm and value in each example. (One norm may be supported by several values.) In the conclusion, review your main idea, and push it a little further to suggest something you want your readers to consider; it could be an application or an implication.

You must draw examples from at least two places that I attached from sources ” Tannen / The Namesake book ” or from the chart “. You can use both source texts, or one source text and write an example of how do international life in the US lives with the side of culture differences and I will edit on it writing about my own life.

Keep it easy and simple as much as you can. Do it as I have listed up . Do not copy from the net please. I need it 1000 word of 4 pages. Do not use difficult vocabularies bring up good examples. Thank You 🙂