Essay Paper 2-3 pages: Industrial Revolution in the United States

  1. Use Textbook: The American Pageant, and use Media Link: Caught Between Two Worlds: A Diary of a Lowell Mill Girl, and Media Link: Mill Life in Lowell Massachusetts
  2. Research the textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3. Write a 2-3 page paper covering the following:
    • a. The essay should include a brief summary and an analysis of the textile mills.
    • b. In what ways did the textile mills represent American economic condition?
    • c. What were significant outcomes of the mill system?
  4. Base your paper on at least 2 cited sources for this assignment. The textbook and online encyclopedias may be consulted for this assignment for background material, but may not be cited as a source for the assignment.
  5. Since this is a formal assignment, the essay will be graded on:
    • a. Double-spaced
    • b. One inch margins
    • c. 12 pt. Times New Roman
    • d. Two – three pages maximum
    • e. Polished appearance
    • f. Grammatically correct
    • g. Content