Essay paper

Read the article I’m going to upload one you have to google it and answer the question below . At least one page.


the two articles I have posted in Course Materials. The Toman article

is a bit dated (note the sexist language that would be considered

inappropriate in contemporary society and the title is clearly tongue-in-cheek)

but it has always found favor with my students who seem to delight in

“analyzing” their family and friends (and, sometimes even themselves)

with regard to the intriguing personality profiles. The Lorenz article

reflects a more serious side to the potential ramifications of birth

order and reinforces the notion that BO continues to be a legitimate

topic for scholarly inquiry. I have always found it interesting that

Lorenz’s lists of famous people do not include any infamous people! Some of them are interesting, to say the least. Any takers on looking into who some of them might be?

2) Do a specific Google search for “Birth Order Research 2017″( and perhaps for 2016 too) and browse through the items that catch your eye. Feel free to insert information from the most recent studies.

3) When you feel that you are sufficiently up to speed, please share your thoughts on what you have learned about birth order with perhaps some personal observations as to how it applies, or does not apply, to your own sibling relationships (and/or those of your children, friends, etc.

4) Let’s have some fun with this one, while hopefully gaining some academic insights as well.