essay rebuttal

Write an two page essay, it about your a student who is accuse of plagrasim but, your an service member who deployed and when you were sending the information the internet went down. you actually had the reference but it didn’t come through. your job is to try and explain to the dean why you are innocent. Your essay needs to be convincing to allow the Dean to change his/her mind. Also, your professor has been making your time difficult that although your deployed you had to present a letter to prove you are deployed, even though you have never had to this before , which was easy for her to check with student services, once your professor excuse you of cheating you thought you were being attack so you did not respond. Plus, the class you are in is not the class your suppose to give. You are not in a financial position to pay back for the class due to responsibility and your taking care of your family that was affected by hurricane in Houston.