Ethical Issues in Disability Studies and Models of Disability, social science homework help

Discussion 1: Ethical Issues in Disability Studies and Models of Disability

1. Prepare for this discussion by reviewing the Learning Resources for Week 2.

As an interdisciplinary field of inquiry, disability studies draws upon many areas of scholarship to inform its ethical commitments. By challenging disability prejudice and advocating for people with disabilities in crucial social and bioethical debates, disability rights activists and scholars have been reformulating ethical discourse. Organizations that conduct disability related research or provide human services have a code of ethics that they adhere to and ensure ethical practice and quality services and simultaneously integrating disability perspectives into broader questions of social justice.

Review the following article Ethics Corner: Ethics and Disability from:


2. Respond to the following questions:

a) Examine your own values about disability. What could be a topic of discourse for you?

b) What seems to be the main issue in disability related services?

3. From the Learning Resources Week 2: Review the following webpage which introduces different models of disability that the government and society use to develop strategies for meeting the needs of disabled people.

a) Which model of disability carries the message of empowerment and social justice for the disability community?

4. Once you have posted your responses to the above questions, please respond to at least 2 other classmates’ posts.