ETST 001 Is America a “color blind” society paper

attached bellow is the prompt paper, with very important instructions (make sure to read). also attached is the list of articles that can be used (this is supposed to be an in class essay so please try to paraphrase rather than use exact quotes since I won’t be allowed a cheat sheet into the essay. also attached are pictures from the last essay I had in the class, please read the notes written on it and make sure you do not have such errors in the essay. there is no limit on how long it needs to be but you need to use a good number of different articles (6 or so) the last essay had 4 and they wanted more, so 6 or more please. the more evidence the better and please make sure the essay is cohesive and everything is explained well and in full. also please make sure the thesis is bold and obvious to spot since that was a huge problem last time.