Fable Re-writes

How you will do it

  1. Read the first four paragraphs from Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. Then read the first ten paragraphs from chapter one of Norris’s novel McTeague. Finally, read Twain’s story My First Lie, and How I Got Out of It.
  2. Using Stylistic Elements: A Reading Guide, answer the questions about specific stylistic features in the passages you read.
  3. Select and read three fables by Aesop at Aesop’s Fables. Then rewrite one in the style of Poe, another in the style of Norris, and the third in the style of Twain.
  4. After each fable, include a paragraph titled “Explanation” in which you identify the changes and style choices you made to re-write the fable
  5. Write a short expengllanation of the stylistic decisions you had to make to rewrite the fables. Submit your rewritten fables and the explanatory paragraph to the teacher for assessment.