Family Resilience Across a Life Span

You are to utilize the knowledge learned related to applying theories to individuals, families, and groups. For this Assignment you will prepare a plan utilizing theory to design interventions for families experiencing social disparities in family health. Part 1 Identify key characteristics in the creation of social disparity in family health. Part 2 Illustrate the relationship of theories to individuals and families experiencing social disparity. Name a theory you think can be applied to individuals or families experiencing social disparity in addressing these social concerns. Part 3 Prepare a plan to combat social disparities in family health by selecting interventions that align with the theory chosen in Part 2. Show how the interventions align with the theory chosen and predict outcomes that will be the result of these interventions. This paper should be 3–4 pages (not including the cover page and reference page) in APA style format. Your paper should include a minimum of three academic peer-reviewed journal articles. Provide appropriate citations and references for any information you use in this paper.