family therapy

M3 Discussion 2 – Family Systems Theory

In the Module 3 Section, “Videos of Various Therapeutic Models,” there are two videos

“Bowenian Family Therapy” and “Family Systems Therapy.”

In your Family Therapy text, Chapter 8, the text talks about Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory.

According to family systems theory, the following eight forces shape family functioning:

  1. Differentiation of the self,
  2. Triangles,
  3. Nuclear family emotional system,
  4. Family projection process,
  5. Emotional cutoff,
  6. Multigenerational transmission process,
  7. Sibling position, and
  8. Societal regression.

Based on what you have learned from the video and reading the text, choose one of these “eight forces”. Then describe your understanding of this concept and its importance in your original post.

You are required to post one original response to this Discussion thread and 2 replies to the original posts of your classmates.Cite your sources properly using APA style.