Federalism, Lawsuits, and the Transgender Bathroom Issue

watch the video and answer the question in Mla fornat.

1. w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=vHO1c5EdfkE

2. w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=ChMnvccILSo

3. w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7gUmaXiBSc

Video #1 (Transgender Bathroom Battle Goes National with Obama School Directive):

1) What did the federal government do that made the transgender issue “blow up”? Which departments of the federal government issued the letter and which Title IX sections does it cite?

2) What does Dan Patrick say about the directive and what did he urge his superintendents to do? Which other executive department issued new rules and what did these new rules do for transgender people? Finally, what was then-candidate Donald Trump’s stance on the issue?

Video #2 (Title IX & Transgender Bathrooms in Public Schools)

3) Per the video, what is Title IX legislation designed to do? What is the Department of Education now saying regarding transgendered people and Title IX? What do many states (including Texas) say about this guidance from the DOE? The video mentions that there is a difference of opinions in the “proper solution.” What is the proper solution according to the federal government? What is the proper solution for many school districts?

Video #3 (Texas Sues Obama Administration Dozens of Times):

4) This final video discusses the history of lawsuits between Texas and the Obama administration. How did former Attorney General Greg Abbott describe his job back in 2013? How many times has Texas sued the feds and how much has this cost Texas over the years? How many times has Texas been successful?

5) What have been the key issues at stake in the Texas-Fed lawsuits? Rice University professor Mark Jones describes the “politics” behind these lawsuits. What does he say about this? What congressional tendency leaves the door open for lawsuits? Finally, why did Texas have a “natural conflict” with the Obama administration?