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For this assignment please provide meaningful feedback. I am not asking for your opinion about grammar, spelling or about the way it is written I am asking your opinion regarding the topic and information presented below Please respond with 220 words no plagerism :In response to the issue going and that surround human trafficking I propose the following solutions. These solutions will aim to limit and/or eliminate human trafficking. One solution that I see as a possibility is improving the amount of jobs in countries and cities with equal employment opportunities. In addition, educating people is another way of limiting human trafficking, if countries are able to educate their people it will pave another way into which people will look towards as an escape root through education rather than become slaves of trafficking. Another way to end the human trafficking problem is reducing poverty in countries and cities, by doing so it will stop the temptation of people wanting to live a better life and put themselves at risk of becoming human trafficked. By reducing poverty people will see that it is possible to be something and that it is possible to be successful.

In my opinion a feminist international relations theory can explain human trafficking as a security issue by explain the issues that are associated with women in human trafficking. Also by aiming to explain why women fall into the laps of human traffickers because of the low amount of opportunities that are giving in their home countries and the high number of uneducated women that are not thought any better. In addition this causes a security dilemma in women because they feel like it is impossible to be successful in there home countries making them more vulnerable to human trafficker.