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feedback opinion - Freshman Essays

feedback opinion

For this assignment you will provide meaningful feedback in 220 words. I am not asking for your opinion about spelling, grammar or the way it is written. I am asking you to respond to the information, issues, topic presented below in your own words.

If aliens were to land here on Earth and make contact with us, I think the liberals view would provide the most guidance in this situation. The liberals look at the big picture and realize how the world is changing and what needs to be done to keep in line with how citizens think and what they are looking for. When people start looking for things like greener cars, the government responds by having car companies make this happen. If aliens were to make contact with us, I would think that the world would want to know about this and listen to them. They may have many ideas on how to make the Earth a better place to live. If the government sees that the people want alien contact to be a normal thing, they would find some way to make this available for everyone. The liberals believe that trends will lead to a smarter, healthier world for everyone and I think alien contact and communication will become a trend if this happened.

Realists probably would deny the alien contact in the first place. If it persisted, I think realists would find a way to get rid of the contact before most people found out. I think they would think that alien contact would be a danger to the world and may weaken bonds between countries who would welcome the contact. Realists seem to put their own interests first and if alien contact does not seem to be in the future for the United States, they would find a way to abolish it. Constructivists would have a better grasp on alien contact but I still don’t think that their point of view would help guide the world in this situation. They do not have a clear view on the future of the world and because of this, I think that alien contact will mess with their ways and they would not know how to handle the situation.