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feedback opinion Colonialism is the act in which one nation gains control over another nation and maintains its presence there - Freshman Essays

feedback opinion Colonialism is the act in which one nation gains control over another nation and maintains its presence there

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Colonialism is the act in which one nation gains control over another nation and maintains its presence there. There are two types of colonialism. One is settler colonialism where an immigrant nation takes over foreign land and the indigenous people are wiped out. The other type of colonialism is called elite colonialism where the indigenous rulers are replaced with European ones however the indigenous population remains intact. As the British began to cross over to America, they used the settler colonialism type on the people that had currently lived there. When they began to settle along the east coast in places such as Jamestown, Maryland, and Massachusetts, the native people were pushed back towards the west coast. The British were more technologically advanced in warfare and this was no problem for them. As the natives were pushed back, they began to encroach on other tribes land and caused even more warfare, eventually leading to the rapid decline of the native population. Another con to the settling of the British in America was that they brought over new diseases foreign to the land and peoples that were already there. These diseases took a toll on the indigenous people as well as the crops that were grown during this time. As soon as precious metals were discovered here, the British as well as other ountries wanted to claim land in America to extract the gold, silver, etc. This caused even more immigrants to the area and contributed to the decline of the native people as well. Basically, the greed and want of more power caused almost a whole population of people to become extinct. The country would be a completely different place if the British never wanted to expand their territory and rule beyond their borders into America.

The British Empire also expanded their power in Africa as well once France and Germany began to “reap the benefits” in this area. They brought over diseases that made the people here sick and die. They exported the crops that were grown here tenfold in exchange for other goods from other countries and better their home in Britain. They seized as much land here as they could for fear of being left behind since France and Germany was already on the move in this area. The discovery and gold and diamonds in Africa did not help the native people keep their country for themselves. Many immigrants came over to gain access to these precious metals as they did in America. Another con to the British coming over into Africa was the use of slaves, which they saw as a good that could be traded. They used the indigenous population to grow their crops and basically do the manual labor they did not want to do. They transported these slaves on boats, packed them tight like fish. This in turn caused disease outbreak and many did not make the trip. One could say this was probably better for them than working a life of slavery where you were not appreciated for the work you did. The British however did not care if they made it, they just went back for more. It is digusting to think that the human race can look at another race and see a commodity in them that can be traded.

In short I think colonialism, whether it was settler or elite, was a negative thing to the world back then. It set up negative feelings towards those countries that sought to expand their territories by taking other peoples’ land in the way that they did. It almost wiped out certain populations that are crucial to our world today. Everyone brings something to the table and pushing them away or giving them a life in which they basically could not think for themselves caused riffs between the nations that could have been avoided.