feedback response to R2P

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The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is the United Nations movement implementing the ideologies that it is a countries moral obligation to protect other countries in need. This protection goes a lot further than large matters at hand, for instance not only systemic levels of action such as wars which may engage large demographic areas of the world, but it includes domestic situations which on the larger scale would be considered quite insignificant perhaps pertaining to genocide in underdeveloped countries. With a change of tone, these countries experiencing genocide (although underdeveloped) may be experiencing immense and very significant numbers of casualties depending on their situation. Although I feel that countries must focus more on their own issues at hand including the advancement of their own citizens which includes things like health care . Depending on the situation we may be morally obligated to engage in other countries relations and protect them. Which leads me to feel like the United States responsibility to protect depends on the situation.

The United States can not make the decision to spend its time and funds on every country in need, it is not economically practical. But I feel like the situation at hand is the deciding factor. It is hard to create a level or crucialness for which countries get help. I do not want to make it seem as a situation in which countries earn or are graced the United States attention and efforts. My only point is that it is not possible to help every other country when we have many of our own politically bases issues. However I do feel like if the epidemic or genocide is so inhumane and becoming a real issue, it is our moral obligation to help them. It is more of a morality call than anything else. For example I do feel like the US may be experiencing a real issue currently taking place in Syria where “populations continue to face the threat of mass atrocity crimes committed by government forces and their allies in Syria’s ongoing cilvil war. Various non-state armed groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, are also committing war crimes and crimes against humanity”(Pop at Risk r2p). I do feel like the US may be morally obligated to intervene in this current conflict as it is escalating quite radically at an alarming rate. This destruction shows very dangerous and serious warfare which can leave serious damage and repercussions to humanity and it is time to take action.