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A life-cycle rite is when important situations in life occurs throughout one’s lifetime. An example of a life-cycle rite would be when one gets married. Before getting married, one is usually takes on the social status of being single and has their own routine in life, but as they are about to head into this next stage in life, they separate from their status and prepare for the next stage, then when the transition finalizes, they gain a new social status being married and now take on a whole new role as wife or husband with different duties as they had before. A life-crisis rite is more of a healing ritual, whether it be with sickness or life failure. For example, with a sickness, there is the belief that a religious professional is the one to cure it. Whatever professional it is, a priest or shamans, they will do what they believe will cure the illness by seeking what it is that caused it in the first place. The relationship between religious symbols and religious rituals is that within rituals, symbols are being used to represent something else. For example, some religions occasionally go on a fast to represent their faith.