Film Analysis Paper

Read Michel Chion’s “Projections of Sound on Image” in his famous work Audio-Vision: Sound

on Screen ed. and trans. Claudia Gorbman (New York: Columbia University Press, 1994), 3-24.

Provide an analysis of sound (including music) for the given excerpt (“The Mirror of Galadriel”

in The Fellowship of the Ring). Address at least five of the following questions:

1. Identify and discuss the use of empathetic and anempathetic sound in the scene.

2. How does sound influence the perception of movement and time in this scene?

3. Identify what Chion terms “sound for spotting visual movements” in this scene. How do

these affect the way in which the audience might experience the scene?

4. How does sound/music relate to narrative in the scene? (does it reinforce or foreshadow

narrative developments? does it operate independently of narrative?)

5. Discuss what Chion terms the “reciprocity of added value” in this scene.

6. Are sounds vectorized in this scene? If so, how?

7. How does music shape our insight into the character’s internal and external experience?

8. Discuss the ways in which sound temporalizes the image in the scene.

9. How does sound create emotion for audience members in this scene?

10. Discuss the ways in which technology shapes the audio-visual experience in this scene.