Final Amentative Research Paper -” EDIT AND REVISE PAPER”


Some major issues:

1) Reduce Abstract to one page and a maximum of 150 words.

2) Add two pages to your paper. You start on page 5 and end on page 11 with 3/4 of a page. This gives you a full 6 3/4 pages. Two pages will get you to the limit you need.

3)See here:

4) Put your reference page in alphabetical order. Your last source begins with an “O”, and it needs to be earlier in the list.



Your introduction, however, does not contain enough background information about your topic. Ideally, your introduction should provide your readers with sufficient background about your topic so that they can follow your discussion more easily.

Why is your topic controversial, Kathylean? What are the reasons that make your topic a pressing matter? Why does it need to be discussed? What are the two sides that arise from this topic? Who does this particular topic affect/involve? Answering these questions will enlighten your readers and make them see why your topic is a source of argument.


Additionally, I notice that you seem to have some trouble with your topic sentences. The topic sentence of a paragraph should encapsulate the discussion of the paragraph. With this in mind, I advise that you revise your topic sentences.

Ideally, your topic sentences should name the negative effects of internet use on university students’ learning processes. You argue that internet use has more negative effects than the positive, so your topic sentences should name these negative effects. What are the negative effects or disadvantages of internet use on university students’ learning processes, Kathylean? By naming the negative effect first and foremost, your readers will gain an idea that your body paragraph will explain this negative effect to support your paper’s argument.