Final Paper on Case Review 5-7 Pages

This is a 5-7 page paper not including the title and reference page. This is based on a Law and Ethics Class for professions in Human Services. I ask, if you have any questions please inform me. Any questions contact me. Thanks.

Description: As a human services practitioner, you could be in a position that requires you to review medical records and to be aware of all related federal and state laws and statutes, healthcare mandates, codes of ethics, and credentialing requirements (e.g., the Joint Commission for Accrediting Hospital Organizations [JCAHO], which governs most hospitals). You will be reviewing a case study to determine what legal and ethical issues need to be considered when deciding if it is appropriate to divulge the information requested

Please use scenario below:

Case Study Stephanie is a human-services policy analyst who works with the state-run psychiatric hospital system. Her job is to facilitate discharges of patients to the community by coordinating with local mental-health centers and providers of care to make sure that the patient has adequate and immediate post-discharge care. Stephanie received a call from a parole officer of a 25-year-old Laotian immigrant patient named Kevin, who was in the hospital. The parole officer indicated that Kevin violated parole by abusing illegal substances prior to the admission to the state hospital. The parole officer asked questions about Kevin’s diagnoses, where he was being discharged to, and the staff involved in his care while hospitalized. You have been asked to determine if Stephanie can legally and ethically answer these questions and provide confidential health information about Kevin to the parole officer.

Please answer each question.

Introduction: Codes of Ethics and Legal Considerations in Human Services Practices Review and analyze the codes of ethics and legal considerations within the human services field.

1.) What codes of ethics relate to the release of health information in the human services field? Include your rationale for how you determined which codes apply.

2.) What legal concerns relate to the release of health information? Use citations to substantiate your claims.

3.) What are some of the ramifications for inappropriately releasing confidential information about a patient or client in a hospital setting?

4.) What challenges does a program/agency/hospital experience in relation to the codes of ethics and legal issues?

5.) If a case with health services aspects involved were to go to court, what legal aspects are to be considered? Include other issues that should be considered by agencies or hospitals to ensure compliance when releasing healthcare and other confidential information.

Review of the Case Based on your analysis of the codes of ethics and legal considerations in human services, create strategies to address questions about the case

1.) What information can be released to the parole officer? What information should not be released to the parole officer? Justify your responses.

2.) If information is released that should not be, what are the legal ramifications for the human services policy analyst and her organization? Justify your claims with relevant, scholarly research.

3.) What are the ethical issues that would arise for the policy analyst and her organization due to releasing information that should not be released? Recommend appropriate legal strategies to mitigate identified ethical issues.

4.) . Include other issues that should be considered that are specific to this case scenario and related to compliance with ethics and laws in the human services field. Justify your claims using concrete, relevant examples.

Conclusion After analyzing the codes of ethics and legal considerations, and applying your strategies to the case, compose a conclusion addressing the following:

1.) Overall, what are the key ethical and cultural considerations to be addressed in a hospital setting? Explain why.

2.) What legal components are critical to the analysis of court documents relative to releasing healthcare and other confidential information?

3.) Evaluate additional strategies, such as the prevention of a lawsuit, that a human services agency could incorporate into policies to ensure that critical legal and ethical issues could be mitigated.

4.) What do you recommend human services agencies should address in preparation for developing court documents related to healthcare settings? Use concrete evidence to substantiate claims.